Meet the Children: Sirinrat Khamsaen

Sirinrat Khamsaen is a bright and talented 12-year-old girl who currently resides at the House of Union Hostel. She is in grade 7 and has an older brother. Several years ago, her parents got divorced, and she has been living with her mother ever since. However, one day, her mother’s new boyfriend caused her to fear that he would not accept Sirinrat, so she decided to leave her on the side of the street and abandoned her. Thankfully, Sirinrat’s grandmother found her and took her in. However, because of her advanced age, Sirinrat’s grandmother was unable to provide for her properly, so she brought her to the House of Union hostel to give her a better life and an opportunity to go to school.

Despite her challenging circumstances, Sirinrat is a gifted student with a lovely singing voice and many other talents, including sports, dancing, and leadership. She excels academically at the hostel, where she enjoys spending time with her friends. Her aspiration is to become a nurse, a goal that she is determined to achieve through hard work and dedication.


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our pledge

We, the Lahu people of today, envision these Lahu children of House of Union becoming tomorrow’s Lahu leaders, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and nurses….!


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