Meet the children: Suphaporn Sae Sao

Suphaporn, a 17-year-old girl, is the youngest among her siblings comprising two older brothers and an older sister. As one of the first students to reside at the House of Union Hostel, she hopes to augment her life through education. She currently attends Sahasak Secondary School in Chiang Rai City, demonstrating proficiency in the Chinese language and possessing a talent for drawing. Previously a follower of Buddhism, she has since converted to Christianity due to the teachings of Pastor Somchart, who imparts knowledge of God at the House of Union.

Suphaporn’s family is destitute, relying on a small plot of land to cultivate rice and corn for their subsistence. Consequently, they are unable to provide for her education. Hence, after finishing grade 6, she left her village with her mother and other children from her village to seek a place to reside in the city, hoping to pursue her education further.

Despite her family’s financial struggles, Suphaporn has always found solace in her studies. She has worked diligently throughout her primary education and is presently pursuing secondary education to achieve her aspiration of becoming a guide.

Since settling in the House of Union Hostel, Suphaporn has been supporting Nina, Pastor Somchart’s wife, with cooking, cleaning, and caring for the youngest girls. She endeavors to enhance her life through hard work and has plans to assist other children at HOU when she starts work.


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our pledge

We, the Lahu people of today, envision these Lahu children of House of Union becoming tomorrow’s Lahu leaders, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and nurses….!


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