Here is where you read about Pii Somchart’s story, the history and vision for the House of Union.

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About Pi Somchart :  New Picture (19)

When I was about 10 years old my parents put me in to the orphanage because they are very poor, they can not support me to go to school as the other children.  I was in the orphanage till I finished high school and I met a man from America in orphanage (Chris), he is a missionary working in the same orphanage I stay. One day, he took me to the University to continue to study.  After I graduated English major from University, I have been teaching English in government school for 7 years, before I was started House Of Union children home.

About HOU:

House Of Union started in 2005 by Mr.Somchart  Porlung  and Miss Phayao  Nangam.  For the need of the Lahu hilltribe people from the village and the community leaders.  We have the purpose to help orphans and poor Lahu hilltribe children to have an education, maintain Lahu hilltribe culture and share the Gospel.

What does the logo represent?

The triangle symbolizes the mountain where the Lahu Hill tribe children come from.  Green represents  life and nature. The star in the middle is symbolic of Jesus. When Jesus was born, the wise men followed the star. Jesus is with the Lahu children on the mountain. The small stars around symbolize the children and their growth when they come to HOU.

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We, the Lahu people of today, envision these Lahu children of House of Union becoming tomorrow’s Lahu leaders, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and nurses….!


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