How to help?


Child Sponsorship

For US$65 a month, you can help us continue to maintain one child  at HOU or to take in another Lahu child to benefit from the care and opportunities provided  here.

The US$65 monthly sponsorship  per child includes:

1 Food 1,300 baht
2 Hygiene 20 baht
3 Uniforms & equipment 50 baht
4 Medical 10 baht
5 Accident insurance 15 baht
6 Overheads (transport, Utilities, maintenance) 1605 baht
Total 3,000 baht (US$88)

You can partially support a child with a pledge of US$44/month or  provide full support for a child at US$88/month.

Future Plans

We welcome your donation for these projects:

  1. Purchase 10 rai of neighboring land to start a rice farm to feed the children for 3,500,000 baht.  which will help us be more self-sufficient in food as well as generate some income for the HOU.

How To Make a Donation

You can make an online donation via credit card by going to Follow a few easy steps to sign up for an account and send the funds to this address:

Or you can make an international transfer to the following bank account:


CHIPS UID 008942
BRANCH NAME Hayaekphokhunmengrai Sub
BRANCH ADDRESS 833/1 Phahonyothin Rd, T. Wiang A. Muang Chiang Rai Thailand 57000
ACCOUNT NO 455-2-08291-0
ACCOUNT NAME House of Union


At the HOU, we extend a heartfelt invitation to volunteers and visiting mission teams alike. At HOU, we offer a diverse array of fulfilling opportunities for your team, including designing and implementing innovative children’s programs, teaching English to community members, fostering meaningful relationships with children at the house and farm, contributing to vital building and property improvement projects, and engaging in impactful outreach and ministry to the surrounding hill tribes.


Ready to pledge your support?

Click this link to be directed to our PayPal:

Email us regarding any queries you have:

our pledge

We, the Lahu people of today, envision these Lahu children of House of Union becoming tomorrow’s Lahu leaders, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and nurses….!


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