What languages do the children speak?

The children speak mainly Lahu and Thai, though some of the older children are able to understand and speak basic English.

What is a typical day at the HOU like?

On weekdays, the household rises by 6am to prepare breakfast and perform chores around the farm. The children leave for school by 730am, returning again at about 4pm. After more chores, the children play badminton, soccer, takraw or cycle in the huge yard before dinner. Two nights a week, they spend an hour after dinner learning English. Once a week, Pii Somchart leads them in evening devotions. The children then complete their homework before retiring for the night at about 9pm.


How do I get to the HOU?

The HOU is about ½ hour by road from Chiang Rai International Airport and about 20 minutes from the Chiang Rai bus station.

Can I stay at the HOU and what should I expect in terms of accommodation?

Yes, the HOU does host visitors. Please expect fairly basic accommodation. There are limited number of guest beds, so larger parties may find themselves sleeping on mattresses on the floor (sleeping bags are very useful in these instances). There are private squat toilets and heated water for showering.  Basic kitchen facilities (including a stove and refrigerator) are available. Internet access is available but limited.

What is the weather like in Chiang Rai

Weather conditions and forecasts are available at:


What is there to do around the HOU?

Find out more about Chiang Rai and its attractions from


What should I bring?

A big heart for the children, a great attitude, mosquito repellent and a fly swat!

our pledge

We, the Lahu people of today, envision these Lahu children of House of Union becoming tomorrow’s Lahu leaders, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and nurses….!


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